Monday, July 30, 2012

"Holy Toledo"

     Can you believe that my dear husband purchased this for me?!! I have always loved these old scales and now I own one. It's substantial, heavy and beautiful and I already have a few ideas for displaying it either at home or in "Sweet Repeats."  But whatever I do, I can promise you that this is a keeper forever!

     While looking at different vendor spaces and inquiring about them, most of the the responses were "Sorry it's sold."But before leaving the grounds for home, I did a quick run through and actually located this scale right across from were we had lunch.

     Thank you "Cottage Vintage Home"in Vancouver, Wa. for the great deal you gave us and it's in perfect condition. This is the best gift ever....thank you Tommy because you never hold back on trying to give me the things that you know I love.

     Until next time....The Blue Farmhouse.

My new gift

Stored right now in my brother in law's garage

Last look before heading back to California


  1. Oh my you are a lucky girl...this is a will so enjoy her. Hope your trip is going well.. xoxox

  2. Thank you Koralee. I'm now in Port Angeles and just keep finding good buys.... Soon it'll be time to head back but having a great time hunting, thrifting and of course enjoying our family! Happy dance back to ya:)

  3. This is indeed a very beautiful scale... A true treasure!
    It looks in good condition too.
    You will enjoy that every day when you are in your kitchen.
    Especially since it was a gift from a loved one!



  4. Hi Sandy,
    The scale is in mint condition and I've always wanted one. They are usually a couple of hundred and my husband bargained and got a screaming deal. He's so good to me.


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