Wednesday, August 1, 2012


     I am so blessed to have married into an amazing and huge family. My husband is one of nine children (6 brothers and 2 sisters) and I (we) have been staying in my sister in law Sweetie & Jeff's home.

     I remember my husband telling me that he and his 2 brothers (who are twins and there's only 1 year seperating them by age) gave her that nickname when she came home from the hospital. Oh, and lest I forget Tom and his sister are less than a year apart by age. Whew... and if you could meet her she is every bit as terrific as her nickname..."Sweetie".

     It's always fun thrifting with you, sharing with you and I'm glad we were able to experience the Barn House event together. So, without further adoo (is that a word) blog friends I introduce you to one of my amazing sister in laws...."Sweetie".

Tommy and Sweetie

I love this picture

Sweetie, Jeff and their grandchildren

Thank you for a wonderful time


  1. Thanks Rita. I loved the opportunity to spend time with you guys. It's always fun to get in a little thrift shopping and site seeing with you. I only wish you lived closer!

  2. Who knows the wonderful adventures God has in store for us. In the future He may open those very doors and if not I'll just look forward to each time we are able to come together and have some FUN! Love you.:)

  3. What lovely photos....a big family is a blessing. xoxo

  4. Yes indeed...and so are you. Even though I haven't met you personally yet, when I see your comments or read your blog for the day it feels good!:) So, thank you Koralee!


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