Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Cherry Picking"

     If there's any one fruit I absolutely's definitely cherries. And guess what? My sister in law Teresa has one right in her back yard loaded with cherries just waiting to be picked. Well picked we did and then we ate them all up!

     But, before I leave I must introduce you to another one of my fabulous sister in laws (remember there's 8 brothers) Teresa.

     She's funny, caring, giving and a joy to be around. We have so enjoyed being in your home along with your children and grandson. Thank you Teresa....we love you!

     Until next time....The Blue Farmhouse

Cherry picker "Daniel"

Cherry picker "Tom"

Fruit examiners (Tom, Daniel and Teresa)

Freshly picked cherries

Tom and his Mom

Thank you Teresa


  1. This is what special memories are made of..thank you for sharing!
    also loved all your treasures you found, I enjoyed catching up on all.
    Hugs ~Colette
    ps..the reading and comment all perfect from this side! thnx XX

  2. Thank you Colette for reading...I am so blessed to have such big, wonderful and loving emily. It was hard to say goodbye, but I'm thankful for the memories.

    Love Rita


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