Monday, June 22, 2015

"Father's Day Finds"

5 candle holding candelabra

Pinterest image

Ornate gold mirror

     I tried to write a short post about these Father's Day finds last night, but frankly I was just still too excited. I'm just trying to find the words that will someone communicate how very fortunate I feel. It all started out with a consensus of everyone to go for a drive and check out some thrift stores. Since it was Father's Day we wanted to make sure Tom (my husband) was on board too. And, of course, he was all for going and this is how the afternoon started to unfold. We checked out three thrift stores, and I didn't really see anything that spoke to my heart or felt like I necessarily wanted. 

     Subsequently, it was the second thrift store that we came across that I found the candelabra and the ornate gold mirror. Now this was late afternoon and when you come across pieces like this many times there're gone. But these pieces just seem to drop out of the thrift store heavens and their they lay just waiting for me. Immediately I move towards the candelabra and it was too heavy to just carry around so I prop it against something. Then as I turn I see this beautiful gold ornate mirror. I quickly go and get it and place it with the other piece. So, now how do I get them to the counter without someone else coming behind me and thinking oh man look what I found. Luckily I was able to get my husband and he walked them to the counter for safe keeping. 

     My definite plans for the mirror is to re purpose for a chalkboard. I'm not sure if I'll repaint the candelabra as I originally planned because it has an aged gold/brown patina to it. It also has a small sticker on the back "Syroco Wood" Syracuse Original Co Inc. Made in U.S.A. I think my first step is to find the prefect place for it and then go and buy some white candles...and then I share some pictures on Instagram. Wish me luck. 

     Thank you for dropping by today and until next time... I wish you lucky thrift store finds too!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

"New Vintage Table"

 My new vintage table

The perfect spot

Thank you dropping by...see you next time

     Do you have wasted spaces in your home that just need a little something? I have a few and I'm over the top excited about this fabulous vintage table  I found for the living room. I spotted this table a couple of days ago while out for drive with my husband. It stayed on my mind and I just had to return after locating the perfect spot for such a vintage table.

     A special thank you to my daughter Ryan of The Blooming Thread who first introduced me Deja Vu Antiques. On the occasions that I have visit this lovely antique mall I've always found affordable prices and lots of variety inside and out.

     There's many things I love about this vintage table like it's ornate legs, shape, color, height, versatility and most importantly the price. I can definitely envision using this table for many different entertaining functions but as for now it has found a home in the unused space between the sofas.

 I hope that you'll return to see how I have decorated it but I'll begin with the perfect vintage lamp, one of my favorite decorating books like Vintage by Nina and perhaps an antique clock. Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and filling in your own wasted spaces with something beautiful of course!

The Blue Farmhouse

Monday, June 8, 2015

"To Paint Or Not To Paint?"

Recent Find

Another finish

Another find...white finish

Matching mirror

     On my last post "Thank you...Thrift Store Heaven" I shared some amazing finds and now it's decision time. Should I paint them or keep the original finishes? I don't plan to repaint the gold finished shelf because I like it just as it was found. Amazingly I found both the gold and white shelves on separate outings and just noticed that they are identical.

     The gold shelf I simply placed on top of the antique cabinet in the kitchen. Looking ahead I realize that it's impossible to keep every piece I find so perhaps I can sell at The Remnants of The Past Vintage Show. I had great success at my very first show and hope that I get the opportunity to participate again this fall.

     Thank you dropping by and I hope you find something inspirational on each of your visits. Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and painting or not?!

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