Monday, November 11, 2013

"Looks Like We Made It"

     This past weekend has been more than was over the top fabulous. I so enjoyed being a vendor at my first big show "Remnants of The Past Vintage Show" in San Luis Obispo... and definitely not my last.

     All my prayers answered and financial goals met...including a very special visitor to my space...Rachel Ashwell! [Yes...and I'll share photos with you more later]... but I must first say a big thank you to my husband and daughter Nicole for motivating me to go after my dreams. They both supported me all the way and I owe them much gratitude.

     I'll do my very best to capture and recount my weekend in the days to was so much fun as we felt support from fellow vendors as well as from Judy and her staff.

     I do hope you'll come back and share this experience with me. Dreams do come true and prayers were definitely answered.

     Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and remembering...

     The Blue Farmhouse.

 Late night sewing

 Early morning arrivals (with a smile)

 Time to set up

Ryan displaying a special lucky bracelet made by nieces

Time to unload

First day crowds

Thanks team Rita, Tom & Ryan

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