Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

     My home my never grace the pages of a national magazine (yet)...but it's mine and I love it. There's no secret that I absolutely love blue & white colors, but my home isn't just blue and's a reflection of all the things that I love aesthetically and bring comfort to my family. Oooo...I just heard my overflowing garage and attic say "Amen" as it overflows with things waiting to come inside.

     I probably will never stop collecting, thrifting, planning and dreaming about ways to beautify my home. Which means I'll blog and look at your blogs and glean ideas, inspiration and probably say "Wow", "Ooo" then sink back into my comfy sofa and look out of the big picture window and think "there's no place like home".

     So, please keep inspiring me and I'll aspire to do the same for you all while I work on the things I don't like in my home (carpeted floor and those ugly window blinds) Yikes!

     Until next time... The Blue Farmhouse.

I love Polish Pottery

Collections of linens

Some of my favorites

Restoring old chandeliers

Collection of dishes

Brown and White transfer ware

Old suitcases and blue & white night stand

Bedroom glimpse

Beautiful flower fields in my backyard

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Sweet Repeats" Find

     After a quick lunch I head to "Sweet Repeats" to inventory my vendor space because I haven't been by for about a week. Everything looked okay except I needed to tidy things up and sweep, but I also need to freshen things up and bring in new displays.

     So, before leaving I walk around the store and look what I found! Yep, another old trunk and this cost me only $10.00 which feels like "free". Of course, I go to see what my hubby thought and explained that I will clean it up and use it for display only. He agreed and after work I hurry to take pictures so that I can show you.

     I'm excited because I have some good items whirling around in my head and hope that they turn out the way I imagine. So what do you think?

     Until next time happy thrifting and collecting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

     After work shot

Not in perfect condition but I can work with it

Writing on one side

Peeled sticker

     (By the way the faded paper inside is a beautiful blue and beige paisley print. I love it!) 

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Memoriable-Memorial Day"

     My Memorial Day was spent with my hubby and together we took a little road trip and had a blast! I wasn't expecting or looking to find any treasures on this outing, because a lot of places were closed.

     But, I'm happy to share with you an unexpected treasure we discovered on this road trip through Guadalupe and into Arroyo Grande called "The Oak Pit BBQ Company". Now, I'm no food critic but this place is worth the stop and we plan to return again and again. The aroma was the first reason we made a U-turn and then we were pleasantly greeted by a warm and friendly staff, hot food and quick service.

     Because this was our first time, I cautiously chose the barbecue pulled pork sandwich, fries and cole slaw meal. It was indescribably delicious, tender and oh so good.

     So, I just had to take some pictures to share with you and if you are ever in the area do yourself a huge favor, stop and eat.

     Enjoy and until next time... The Blue Farmhouse.

Food critic I'm not!

Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hubby's digging in

Fingers required

All done...I want more

You've gotta go

Thank you road partner

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Dinner For Two"

     I hate to admit that we eat out way more than we should...and that's because our schedules seem to have us criss-crossed, only meeting together at night, and even then not at the same time. But, despite hectic work schedules, appointments, school and chores I love to cook and entertain.

     So, tonight I made one of our family favorite meals "Fettuccine with Chicken & Onion Cream Sauce" and it was delicious.

     I'm also skeptical about posting this and yet anxious to hear your thoughts (yikes), just remember food photographer I'm not, but lover of all things good and beautiful I am.

     Thanks for dropping by and until we meet again... The Blue Farmhouse.

Prep work

Let's add the chicken breast 

Setting the table

It's ready!



Monday, May 21, 2012

"Espress Yourself"

     Today's finding didn't yield too many things to share but, I do love these 7 espresso cups. Recently, I started collecting what I coined as "America's Ironstone-Buffalo China" dishes because it's reminisced of little diners scattered along the back roads and small towns USA.

     And, I just couldn't resist the blue and white tablecloth and the blue & white plate to add to an already huge collection. 

     Until next time, happy collecting and thrifting. 

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Time for me

Cups by "Homer Laughlin China/USA"

Lazy backyard days

Found Blue & White tablecloth

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Picnic Anyone?"

     I'm so excited to show everyone my newly accessorized wheels. Actually, my dear husband surprised me on Mother's Day by completing this DIY project, and it was totally an expected surprise!

     I usually don't like surprises, so most of the time I know what I'm getting because I have preselected it. I know...I know and I'll save the reasoning behind the madness for another time.

     So, we get home from church and I'm rambling around the house tidying up (with my husband big shoes on) and Tommy says, "Come outside I have something to show you." I go outside and there she is all accessorized and ready to ride.

     There was a genuine giddy, joy within me because I didn't expect it or preselect this gift. It was just the thoughtfulness and love of a husband to his wife... ME.

     Oh, how happy you have made me, oh how happy you have made me. What's your thoughts?

     Until next time. The Blue Farmhouse.

My new wheels for work & play

Leather handlebars & detachable wicker basket

Another look

Perfect for a picnic

I'm off for a ride!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Found Wheels"

     I found this bike in horrible conditions, but I loved the old fashioned look and feel of the bike. Its' original color was  faded dark green and it had lots of rust.

     However, the best part of this story is that I paid absolutely nothing for it... it was free! Also, I knew a guy name Israel who paints and fixes bikes and donates them to charities and asked if he could help me with this project.

     I requested that he paint it white and I would later put a tan seat on it, an old fashioned basket on front, and tan handle bars. A couple of weeks went by and this is the return on something that cost me absolutely nothing. I love it and can't wait to accessorize it.

     I'd love to hear your comments. Until next time....don't forget to come back and see my found wheels fully accessorized.

     The Blue Farmhouse

Restored bike

My bike and neighbor (Lisa) husbands truck

Another look

Thank you and please come again!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Meet My Neighbor"

     I received many wonderful comments on a recent post "Thank you Neighbor", that I had to do a brief follow up so that you could meet my neighbor. Her name is Lisa and she lives 2 houses down from me. Not only is she very pretty but she's obviously gracious in sharing and very friendly.

     In these present times where we only wave at our neighbors as they drive out of their driveways and we into ours,  it's refreshing to have a neighbor be this thoughtful. Thankfully,I have several other neighbors that we have coffee together, chat on our front lawns, and genuinely make time to befriend each other.
     It may seem difficult to get to know people as they move in and out of our neighborhoods, but I think it's a question worth asking.... who is my neighbor?

    Me & Lisa

      The Blue Farmhouse.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Santa Barbara-America's French Rivera"

     Wow pretty big title so, I hope this post can live up to it, if not it'll take just one visit to Santa Barbara and you'll think you've just been transported to the south of France.

     Frankly, the closes I've been is through an awesome blog called My French Country Home. Or if you're visiting Santa Barbara you must visit a two of my favorite shops, Lewis & Clark Antiques and Fine Things and Rooms & Garden Shop. Both of these beautiful and inspiring shops are located on State Street, Santa Barbara, Ca.

     Frankly, it's been a couple of weeks that I haven't been able to going thrifting because of work, school and a host of other obligations so I was thrilled to get the opportunity today! Of course, hubby and I hop into my new white VW bug (I'll tell you about that later) and off we go. So, I hope today's finds bring inspiration to you as they did for me.

     Until next time happy thrifting.

Blue Le Creuset pot and pillow

 The pillows inspiration print reminds me of the indiennes provencales fabrics from Souleiado

Another look

Light blue cast iron pot "Made in France"

Old painting I'll repurpose into chalkboard for my vendor space in Sweet Repeats

Tote basket


Heading Home

Our dog "Cody"

     Thank you for visiting and please promise to come back again!

     The Blue Farmhouse.

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