Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Picnic Anyone?"

     I'm so excited to show everyone my newly accessorized wheels. Actually, my dear husband surprised me on Mother's Day by completing this DIY project, and it was totally an expected surprise!

     I usually don't like surprises, so most of the time I know what I'm getting because I have preselected it. I know...I know and I'll save the reasoning behind the madness for another time.

     So, we get home from church and I'm rambling around the house tidying up (with my husband big shoes on) and Tommy says, "Come outside I have something to show you." I go outside and there she is all accessorized and ready to ride.

     There was a genuine giddy, joy within me because I didn't expect it or preselect this gift. It was just the thoughtfulness and love of a husband to his wife... ME.

     Oh, how happy you have made me, oh how happy you have made me. What's your thoughts?

     Until next time. The Blue Farmhouse.

My new wheels for work & play

Leather handlebars & detachable wicker basket

Another look

Perfect for a picnic

I'm off for a ride!

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