Monday, May 28, 2012

"Memoriable-Memorial Day"

     My Memorial Day was spent with my hubby and together we took a little road trip and had a blast! I wasn't expecting or looking to find any treasures on this outing, because a lot of places were closed.

     But, I'm happy to share with you an unexpected treasure we discovered on this road trip through Guadalupe and into Arroyo Grande called "The Oak Pit BBQ Company". Now, I'm no food critic but this place is worth the stop and we plan to return again and again. The aroma was the first reason we made a U-turn and then we were pleasantly greeted by a warm and friendly staff, hot food and quick service.

     Because this was our first time, I cautiously chose the barbecue pulled pork sandwich, fries and cole slaw meal. It was indescribably delicious, tender and oh so good.

     So, I just had to take some pictures to share with you and if you are ever in the area do yourself a huge favor, stop and eat.

     Enjoy and until next time... The Blue Farmhouse.

Food critic I'm not!

Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hubby's digging in

Fingers required

All done...I want more

You've gotta go

Thank you road partner

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