Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Sweet Repeats"-Does It Again

     Teddy and the talented vendors at "Sweet Repeats" certainly have a pulse on what today's savvy consumer is looking for when it comes to decorating their homes. Today's buyer understands that it's all about the mixing of the new with the old. And as the old saying goes, "Everything old is new again"and Sweet Repeats understands that all to well.

     I encourage you to visit, ask questions and discover the new expanded spaces and new vendors now at "Sweet Repeats". And if you just need some fresh ideas or new inspiration you'll find it there and so much more. Don't forget to checkout the beautiful chandeliers.

     Oh, and tell them "The Blue Farmhouse" sent you! Here's some of the latest find at "Sweet Repeats".

     Happy shopping.

Beautiful white dresser for a bedroom or entryway

Simply stated mantle

Sweet dreams for a special girl

Beautiful chandeliers

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Textiles

     I have a passion for collecting beautiful bedding, old tablecloths, pieces of fabric in delicious colors that can be transformed into pillows, bed skirts or upholstery for a chair or cushion.

     Visually appealing I always look for certain colors, especially blue and white and I always score a tremendous find. This is due in part by these two guiding principles: color palette and I have to love it.

     Today, I'll share some of these beautiful finds and how I might use them. So, last weekend I was in San Luis Obispo and ventured in a thrift store and found this beautiful softly faded paisley pink queen sized sheet. Um....beautiful and I knew how I could reuse and transform it into something gorgeous.

     I was hoping they might have the entire sheet set but I have plans to re purpose it into.... let's see a beautiful twin duvet cover? Pillows? Nah, I have too many. Better yet how about a bed skirt and layering other patterns, texture and colors with it. Honestly, the possibilities are limitless.

     I can hardly wait to share with you the finished project. So, in the meantime here's some of my collection of linens and things.


I love this quilt

I've got the blues

Found linens (Paisley sheet)

Twin bedspreads ( I worked in this mill when I was 16)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action

     I'm really excited about a gift my husband just recently purchased for me. It's a EOS Rebel XS camera. I don't know much about the art of photography yet, but I do understand that a "picture is worth a thousand words".

     I once viewed a program featuring a career as a professional food photographer and stylist for a cooking magazine. You wouldn't believe all the work and styling it took for that one shot that's going to make you say,"I'm buying that magazine" or "visualizing yourself in that beautiful room."

     My main criteria before buying any magazine or book is, "I never tire of viewing the pages over and over again and ever time feels like the first."

     Honestly, you feel as though you can taste the food right off the pages. It's an visual art that makes you see or desire to recreate that exact space or trying that particular recipe.

     So, as I learn I'm sure that my images can't help but get better. But in the meantime, here are a few images that make me look again and again and again.

Love lemon pound cake

My favorite topping for pizza "cheese"

Just need a glass of milk

Restful nights

Outdoor entertaining


Thank you Tommy

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Lil', "Brown Feet"

     My career goal is to graduate with a degree in the field of early childhood studies and I'm almost there!

      In the meantime, when hunting for treasures for my home and garden I collect props that I can use in the classroom with children.

     I have this big book in my attic called "Dancing Feet" by Charlotte Agell. A line in the big book says, "Feet, feet, walking down the street, dancing on the earth, skipping to the beat". Well she's walking and dancing.... but not skipping yet, and she is my oldest granddaughter Kalayah.

     She is pure joy and delight and I love her lil' brown feet. I love to kiss her feet, I love to watch her feet and wiggle my fingers through the toes of her feet. I love my "Lil' Brown Feet".

     So, here she is.....

Dancing feet

Walking feet

Lil', "Brown Feet"

P.S. I Love You!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Buffalo China "America's Ironstone"

     Anyone remember the "eat in diners" at Woolworth stores? Or just the five and dime cafe shops you stopped at on side road trips or in small town America. They still exist and there definitely is a nostalgic connected with those memories.

      This is actually what buffalo china reminds me of... a grilled cheese sandwich and thick fries or juicy hamburger with all the trimmings, fries and a coke! I call it America's ironstone because it's sturdy and has different hues of color in each piece because of usage and age.

      I have collected over the years a few pieces of ironstone but it can be hard to find and pricey. But in the last year I have found and collected these thick white, sturdy plates, coffee mugs, platters, bowls and smaller bowls known as buffalo china.

     Shortly after my interview and visit with Teddy at "Sweet Repeats" I browsed briskly around and found 11 of the these beauties. They look like little creamers with a beautiful faded blue around the rim. I was ecstatic and of course the blue I immediately loved. The price was unbeatable! That's exactly what I love about collecting, the not knowing what you might find even when you're not looking for a particular thing.

     One Saturday, my daughter Ryan from "The Blooming Thread" and I decided to go into a storefront just to browse and guess what I found while I was digging through boxes? Buffalo china, in fact, a whole stack of platters and little individual casserole dishes. I couldn't believe my luck! I purchased them all, 6 platters and 6 individual casserole dishes.

     Now, there's one important fact about me you're sure to discover (just ask anyone who knows me)... I love dishes! Displaying them, looking at them and eating on them. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my latest finds and collectibles.

     Until then, happy searching and mostly collecting!

Fabulous Find (Buffalo China)

Creamers trimmed with a beautiful faded blue

Place a small floral arrangements for tabletop

Stacked for everyday usage

Saturday, September 3, 2011


     The legendary sports commenter Jerry Coleman for the San Diego Padres would always say "Oh, doctor" after an amazing display of athleticism or describing a play by play in the sport of baseball.

     Well I say, "Oh, Teddy" at this spectacular window display of a beautiful white four poster bed, linens and accessories. By the way, Laurinda your styling of this bed is superb.

     You only have a couple of days to drive by and catch a glimpse of this beautiful window. Why? Because it's sold! Dog gone it... but don't fret because "Sweet Repeats" is always stocked with beautiful finds for your home by Teddy and the rest of the vendors at "Sweet Repeats."

    Teddy not only has delivered on the shops vision, "bringing beautiful things back to life with paint and upholstery" but it gives the people of this community what they want.

     Go by and visit this store and tell them "The Blue Farmhouse" sent you!

      Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.

Dreamy whites accented with shades of pink linens

Talented vendor at Sweet Repeats

Matching cherub lamps (beautiful)

Lovely white table

Burlap bag with vintage pin

One last look! Gorgeous
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