Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Textiles

     I have a passion for collecting beautiful bedding, old tablecloths, pieces of fabric in delicious colors that can be transformed into pillows, bed skirts or upholstery for a chair or cushion.

     Visually appealing I always look for certain colors, especially blue and white and I always score a tremendous find. This is due in part by these two guiding principles: color palette and I have to love it.

     Today, I'll share some of these beautiful finds and how I might use them. So, last weekend I was in San Luis Obispo and ventured in a thrift store and found this beautiful softly faded paisley pink queen sized sheet. Um....beautiful and I knew how I could reuse and transform it into something gorgeous.

     I was hoping they might have the entire sheet set but I have plans to re purpose it into.... let's see a beautiful twin duvet cover? Pillows? Nah, I have too many. Better yet how about a bed skirt and layering other patterns, texture and colors with it. Honestly, the possibilities are limitless.

     I can hardly wait to share with you the finished project. So, in the meantime here's some of my collection of linens and things.


I love this quilt

I've got the blues

Found linens (Paisley sheet)

Twin bedspreads ( I worked in this mill when I was 16)

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