Friday, February 24, 2012

"O Happy Day"

     I just couldn't wait to get home and take another look at what I found today while on my lunch break! And of course, to share with you.

     I've always wanted a chaise lounge and now I have very own. Actually, I spotted this beauty previously and felt that the asking price was reasonable. But as luck would have it I was out browsing and saw the owner of this piece of furniture. We chatted for a while and I questioned him about it and he offers it to me for only $50.00!!! Of course, I say deal and he loads it into his truck and drives to my house.

     I want to have it slipcovered in a white fabric but my only dilemma is I don't sew. I know people who can including my husband but not sure if he will (he would help me I'm sure). I also follow some blogs of ladies who are excellent seamstress. So if there's any "reasonable offers" please submit, because I need help with this one.

     Have a great weekend and I can't wait to get up tomorrow and see what other fabulous finds I come across. Let me know what you think.

     Until next time happy hunting! The Blue Farmhouse

Find of the day!

Needs new fabric but very, very comfortable

Perfect for lounging, reading or napping

Monday, February 20, 2012

"True Blue"

     This phrase "True Blue" was in my mind as I slept last night (obviously with blogging on my mind). True blue is like having the essential little black dress... it's a must have in any decor.

     So, while I love splashes of color, one thing will always remain the same... I'm true blue through and through. I hope you enjoy some of these favorite blue pieces in my home.

     Enjoy! The Blue Farmhouse....

Big Blue Pots

Blue and White Seat Cover

Come on in (Dining Room Area)

Pale Blue Angel Picture

Blue Strip Sisal Rug

Painting: The Blue Chair

I Love My Blue Tutu

Kitchen Area

Polish Pottery

More Polish Pottery (Kitchen Sill)

My View

Blue/White Dishes (Pasadena Find)

Pale Blue Plate (Pasadena Find)

Favorite Collection

Blue and White Lamp

Goodbye and Thank you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Pasadena... Sneak Preview"

     "Artful blogging".....HeLP... I'm just way to excited to show you all the things that I found plus I don't have time. So I grab my camera and wondered what would happen if I took pictures of my house, the way it really looks right now. It's like "Artful Blogging vs/ Real Living".

     Okay I won't but, I just have to share with you one picture and then by Sunday I'll have everything ready....including my house!

 Pasadena Flea Market Finds

Delicious colors
(Quilts, Duvet cover & Pillow)

"Real Living"
(Ceiling medallion, needlepoint pillow, mirror and paper bag)

     Okay, I showed you three and now I must say goodnight. Oh, and one more thing....I hope that you are enjoying this and much as I am enjoying sharing with you the reader! 

     Until next time happy blogging, thrifting and collecting.

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Pasadena, Part One"

     There is only one word that comes to mind when I reflect on my weekend in Pasadena...Exhilarating! It was a dream, a wish and now a reality. I recall reading in magazines like "Country Home" and quotes from Rachel Ashwell curator of "Shabby Chic" about this flea market. It lived up to every imagination I could've possibly had and then exceeded all my expectations.

     The location of the "Rose Bowl Flea Market" stadium was beautiful as I gazed upward to view all the beautiful and stately homes dotting the hillsides.

     I was previously advised by a friend to wear comfortable shoes for walking and bring something to place all my wares into (preferably with wheels). I immediately spotted what appeared to be "the veterans"of such events because not only did they push carts on wheels, but arrived in trucks and were loaded with merchandise on 4 wheeled flatbed carts.

     As for me, I was just like a kid in a candy store well more like a collector/decorator store. I can hardly wait for the next opportunity to return with my husband and feel so lucky that we share a love of collecting, thrifting and look for vintage finds.

     Lastly, I want to say how proud I was of myself that I didn't loose my head among 2,500 vendors trying to buy everything in site. I actually bargained for everything and that's why I could go home with so many fabulous and functional finds for $122.00.

     On our way home we drove through scenic Malibu and realized all over again how blessed and happy we are to live in beautiful California!


Oh Yeah!

Hubby in line for tickets

Making a purchase (ceiling medallion) for a chandelier

Carved angels

Beautiful blue and white quilt

More shopping

Vintage Valentine cards

Beautiful chandeliers everywhere

Something for everyone

A must visit

What fun (packaging up)

Beautiful Malibu

Malibu coastline


Tommy's Hog Heaven (Motorcycles)

Lots of motorcycles
(location of the famous Mulholland Drive)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Pasadena Here I Come"

Hotel Lobby

Open, Open, Open

      Just a quick camera pose before heading off for the shopping extravaganza of a lifetime! I wish I had the time to write a post and show you pictures of all the beautiful finds from the "Rose Bowl Flea Market". 

     But don't you worry because I will in the next couple of days. This is a trip that I have always wanted to take and to do it with my husband was even greater fun.

      My goal was to not go crazy and spend lots of money so I gave myself a budget of $100.00. And I went over by $22.00 as I headed for the exit gate, but it was worth it!

     You must come back and let me share with you my incredible finds in Pasadena! Until then happy hunting, reading and collecting.

   The Blue Farmhouse.

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Rita's To Do List"

     The past couple of days and nights have been busy as I've applied the final touches on a dresser  I finished painting. I've had it for many years and my daughter no longer wanted it in her room. It's beautiful in it's new coat of white paint and I tied blue and brown ribbons to put on the drawers in stead of knobs (mainly because I'm selling it).

     Then I worked on pricing some enamelware to take to my vendor space at "Sweet Repeats". I was glad to have accomplished some projects and reorganize the garage and house of some much needed space and storage. Of course, I have to thank my husband for his willingness to help me with these projects and always making sure things look nice.

     I have posted pictures of a few of these items currently in my vendor space at "Sweet Repeats". Well, I have some other things to check off my "to do list"so until next time....

     Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Another look

Vintage Black Chandelier and white dresser

Dresser with bows

Love this plague

Attic Babies For Sale

More Attic Babies

Beautiful Antique white ironbed
(on rollers)

Hubby building mock box spring to show antique white bed

Vendor space at "Sweet Repeats"

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