Friday, February 10, 2012

"Rita's To Do List"

     The past couple of days and nights have been busy as I've applied the final touches on a dresser  I finished painting. I've had it for many years and my daughter no longer wanted it in her room. It's beautiful in it's new coat of white paint and I tied blue and brown ribbons to put on the drawers in stead of knobs (mainly because I'm selling it).

     Then I worked on pricing some enamelware to take to my vendor space at "Sweet Repeats". I was glad to have accomplished some projects and reorganize the garage and house of some much needed space and storage. Of course, I have to thank my husband for his willingness to help me with these projects and always making sure things look nice.

     I have posted pictures of a few of these items currently in my vendor space at "Sweet Repeats". Well, I have some other things to check off my "to do list"so until next time....

     Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Another look

Vintage Black Chandelier and white dresser

Dresser with bows

Love this plague

Attic Babies For Sale

More Attic Babies

Beautiful Antique white ironbed
(on rollers)

Hubby building mock box spring to show antique white bed

Vendor space at "Sweet Repeats"

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