Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Pasadena... Sneak Preview"

     "Artful blogging".....HeLP... I'm just way to excited to show you all the things that I found plus I don't have time. So I grab my camera and wondered what would happen if I took pictures of my house, the way it really looks right now. It's like "Artful Blogging vs/ Real Living".

     Okay I won't but, I just have to share with you one picture and then by Sunday I'll have everything ready....including my house!

 Pasadena Flea Market Finds

Delicious colors
(Quilts, Duvet cover & Pillow)

"Real Living"
(Ceiling medallion, needlepoint pillow, mirror and paper bag)

     Okay, I showed you three and now I must say goodnight. Oh, and one more thing....I hope that you are enjoying this and much as I am enjoying sharing with you the reader! 

     Until next time happy blogging, thrifting and collecting.

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