Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Coming Out!!!!

     Sounds like a big announcement, uh? Well, it's not what you think but beginning this blog of sharing the things that I've collected and dreamed about what so many years is like a "coming out". To my friends, family and neighbors who know me and have been in my home they understand exactly the excitement that I feel.

     The beauty of blogging is sharing with others the same things they are just as passionate about. Oh, my we like the same things! Sounds a bit like manufacturing, except for this one thing. Designing and collecting items for your home is personal. Why? Because it's your home and not mine. Even if we had the exact same things the placement or function of them would be different. We may be drawn to the same style but it's executed in a totally different way.

     Let's get this "blogging" started by viewing one of my favorite shops that inspires me over and over again.

 Rooms & Garden Shop, Santa Barbara located on State Street

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