Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"You've Got Mail"

Dear Readers,

     Just sending a special little note your way to say "thank you" for all your lovely comments and encouragement. I'm truly humbled and inspired by your creativity, passions, photography and so much that you find inspiration at The Blue Farmhouse.

     I still have so much "tech" stuff to learn (as you have noticed already...trying to improve my blog page) however, I do know what I love and I hope to share it with you as you follow and read everyday.


     The Blue Farmhouse

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"America's New Favorite PastTime"

     No, it's not a new sports team, although we are enamored and mesmerized with sport icons, playoffs and championships (congratulations Lebron James...finally!). But, the latest craze and favorite past time is hunting for treasures and collectibles in thrift stores big and small, known and unknown, men and women. I had the fortunate pleasure of doing a little "thrifting" midweek in Santa Barbara (very unusual) and the parking lots were packed at both places we visited.

     Where and when did this craze originate? Haven't we always known that "another mans junk is another mans treasure." I shriek at the thought of all the things I've walked away from or said I'll think about it...only returning to find the item gone.

     I'd loved to hear your comments on America's new favorite past time...thrifting and collecting.

     Until next time I hope your next find makes your heart sing!

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Box full of "Blue Nordic" dishes by Johnson Brothers-Made In England

10 plates, 5 mugs, 6 cups & saucers (8 extra saucer plates), 11 bowls, sugar dish & 7 dessert plates

Contents revealed

Beautifully tailored b/w round ottoman

     Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Big Reveal"

     So what do you thinK? I'm still working on the lamp, but the mirror and candelabras have been repainted white.

      The mirror is temporarily place right beneath another found object, my "Home Sweet Home" sign. I'm happy with the results and hope I've brought some inspiration your way!

     Thank you for reading and until next time happy collecting and thrifting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Mirror Completed

Another look

Temporary home

Re purposed candelabras

Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Sneak Preview...Before Pictures"

     I just want to wet your tastebuds for what will be some beautiful reveals to show everyone. I'm really happy with the progress on these project and can't seem to complete quick enough.

     So, as soon as I get home I start painting...and I'm loving everything I see so far! I'm interested in your thoughts, so please live me a comment or two.

     Thank you for dropping by and remember to check out the final this week-end (squirming with fingers crossed).

     Until then happy thrifting and collecting...The Blue Farmhouse.

Pair Ornate Candelabras

Closer look

Love the details

Found lamp

Look at the details

Close up

Sneak Peek (O.M.G. Mirror)

See you in a couple of days for the "big reveal"

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Follow Up (O.M.G.)"

     On my way home from a routine trip last Saturday morning, I see a garage sale sign and make a gut feeling to stop and cheek things out. Well, I'm glad I did because while parking I see this "old looking" cot and instinctively think of several ways to incorporate it into any living space.

     For example, if you have open floor space area under a sunny window place several stacks of your favorite magazines and books. Or just simply roll it up for some good summertime reading at the beach, park or your backyard. Best part, the price ($5.00) and I was thrilled to pack it up and take it home.

     I'm sure you might have some decorating ideas and I'm anxious to hear them, so leave me a comment. Until next time....The Blue Farmhouse.

     Happy collecting and thrifting!

My old cot find

Found red ticking pillows & pillowcases

Belonged to sellers father (cot at least 50 years old) 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

"O.M.G." (Oh My Gosh)

     Oh my gosh! is the first thought that popped into my head when I found this mirror at the thrift store today.

     So, as soon as we pull into the driveway I said to my hubby, "Quick take a picture so that I can post it on my blog"... and here it is. The price was unbelievably low and I'm excited to transform it from gold to white. Oh come now, don't cringe at the thought of me painting it because it's going to turn out beautifully.

     I have some other fabulous finds to show you tomorrow, honestly this was like the luckiest day ever.

     Until next time, happy thrifting and collecting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.


Monday, June 11, 2012


     I just had to do a quick post of why I could never even fathom giving up "thrifting and collecting". And this lovely unexpected find is just the reason why... it's like it called out to me over here lady!

     And you are going to die when I tell you how how I paid for it...$5.00, yes I said five, zero, zero. Thank you, "Sweet Repeats."

     Until next time, I hope something fabulous calls out to you, "Over here!"

The Blue Farmhouse.

   A fabulous find

Another look

Marking on the bottom of platter

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Sunday's Best"

     I start preparing this Sunday's dinner on Saturday night so that it slow cooks and simmer till the meat just literally melts in your mouth. I've been making this "Sunday's Best" (pot roast with carrots and whole potatoes, cornbread, candied yams, cabbage or sometimes collard greens with ham hocks for years).

     Only to find out that one of my children (adult-child) and I won't mention names said, "I have never really liked pot roast"....what? no way! after all these years and you're just not spilling your guts! Well, I guess she'll (oops!) be BYO (bring your own) from now on when I make this meal.

     Now that I have that out of the way, what I really wanted to share with you was the process. It really is delicious and the longer it slow cooks and the gravy thickens the better it is.  Better yet, I'm happy to be cooking it in my "found" blue Le Cresant pot!

Lightly brown onions with a small amount of oil in the pot

Small rump roast light caramelized on both sides

Cover meat with beef broth

Add bay leaves, carrots and whole potatoes

Salt & Pepper

Cover & Simmer
(I simmer on lowest setting overnight)

 Added a flour and water rue to thicken for gravy

Hot cornbread and butter

Final Results

Dinner Anyone?
(No one ate so I have the entire pot)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"On The Road Again"

     After a long week of work I must admit that I really do look forward to going thrifting and hoping that I find something. Well, let me rephrase that...they're always things to find but I just like trying on a budget.

     I saw several beautiful pair of antique sconces that would make any home beautiful at the Consignment Shop in Santa Barbara for $99 each. Actually when you think of their uniqueness and knowing that these beautiful one of a kind items originate out of some fabulous homes in Santa Barbara, it's worth the price. Besides, if you really love it and it makes your home special...then it's worth every penny.

     Can you can tell I'm thinking of george..I'm going back to get them, I just hope they'll be there. (Mumbling to myself...."I just hate it when I pass up something and think of it for another week only to find that it's gone when I return again...not to mention the extra gas cost!")

     So, here's what I found today and they were all super, duper (is that a word) great deals.

     Enjoy and thanks for dropping by for a visit! Did something inspire you?

     The Blue Farmhouse.

     Red Le Creuset Pot 

4 Beige Homer Laughlin Platters

Oval Gold Mirror
(I will repaint the mirror white and give it an aged- antique look like my other mirrors)

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