Saturday, June 2, 2012

"On The Road Again"

     After a long week of work I must admit that I really do look forward to going thrifting and hoping that I find something. Well, let me rephrase that...they're always things to find but I just like trying on a budget.

     I saw several beautiful pair of antique sconces that would make any home beautiful at the Consignment Shop in Santa Barbara for $99 each. Actually when you think of their uniqueness and knowing that these beautiful one of a kind items originate out of some fabulous homes in Santa Barbara, it's worth the price. Besides, if you really love it and it makes your home special...then it's worth every penny.

     Can you can tell I'm thinking of george..I'm going back to get them, I just hope they'll be there. (Mumbling to myself...."I just hate it when I pass up something and think of it for another week only to find that it's gone when I return again...not to mention the extra gas cost!")

     So, here's what I found today and they were all super, duper (is that a word) great deals.

     Enjoy and thanks for dropping by for a visit! Did something inspire you?

     The Blue Farmhouse.

     Red Le Creuset Pot 

4 Beige Homer Laughlin Platters

Oval Gold Mirror
(I will repaint the mirror white and give it an aged- antique look like my other mirrors)


  1. Great finds. I love that mirror and will be posting about my finds later today that include Homer platters, too. Gotta have my ironstone. Thanks so much for stopping in.

  2. Thanks Kim for the lovely comments and I'll be sure to check out the post bout your Homer platters.

  3. Love the Le Creuset pot...I dream of owning one some day.

  4. Hi Andrea
    You know how thrifting and finding things go. You look and look hoping (of course hoping for a good price) and all of sudden it starts to rain "Le Creuset pots". I can always try and locate one for you. Let me know.


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