Sunday, June 24, 2012

"America's New Favorite PastTime"

     No, it's not a new sports team, although we are enamored and mesmerized with sport icons, playoffs and championships (congratulations Lebron James...finally!). But, the latest craze and favorite past time is hunting for treasures and collectibles in thrift stores big and small, known and unknown, men and women. I had the fortunate pleasure of doing a little "thrifting" midweek in Santa Barbara (very unusual) and the parking lots were packed at both places we visited.

     Where and when did this craze originate? Haven't we always known that "another mans junk is another mans treasure." I shriek at the thought of all the things I've walked away from or said I'll think about it...only returning to find the item gone.

     I'd loved to hear your comments on America's new favorite past time...thrifting and collecting.

     Until next time I hope your next find makes your heart sing!

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Box full of "Blue Nordic" dishes by Johnson Brothers-Made In England

10 plates, 5 mugs, 6 cups & saucers (8 extra saucer plates), 11 bowls, sugar dish & 7 dessert plates

Contents revealed

Beautifully tailored b/w round ottoman

     Thank you for visiting!


  1. You look adorable on that sweet ottoman!

    Before my Mother opened her own antique store, us kids were forced to go thrifting with her. We even went "garbage picking" on garbage night a few times. I was mortified, but we found some real gems from time to time! I swore I would never collect "junk"...but alas, I LOVE it!! I stick to garage sales and flea markets now, but if I saw something gorgeous out for the trash, I wouldn't hesitate to grab it, lol.

  2. That's funny but sounds a lot like my kids. They wouldn't even get out of the car...they'd say "I'm not going in that junk store!" But it's amazing how much of me has rub off on them and I'd tell them you'll grow up and be like me...uhhh...sounds a lot like the term like mother like daughter (children). Thanks for sharing your story and I'm sure we could go on and on and on.:)

  3. I love to go antiquing and sales of that sort but my I also know my house is full, really we could have a sale of our own.

  4. That's probably true for many of us, so one solution I found for me is a "rental space" at a local business called "Sweet Repeats'. This rental space allows me to collect and thrift all the things that I'm passionate about yet without the overhead of my own business. Also, it gives me an excuse to to full, no problem.... it's for my vendor space. Hope this helps.


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