Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

     My home my never grace the pages of a national magazine (yet)...but it's mine and I love it. There's no secret that I absolutely love blue & white colors, but my home isn't just blue and's a reflection of all the things that I love aesthetically and bring comfort to my family. Oooo...I just heard my overflowing garage and attic say "Amen" as it overflows with things waiting to come inside.

     I probably will never stop collecting, thrifting, planning and dreaming about ways to beautify my home. Which means I'll blog and look at your blogs and glean ideas, inspiration and probably say "Wow", "Ooo" then sink back into my comfy sofa and look out of the big picture window and think "there's no place like home".

     So, please keep inspiring me and I'll aspire to do the same for you all while I work on the things I don't like in my home (carpeted floor and those ugly window blinds) Yikes!

     Until next time... The Blue Farmhouse.

I love Polish Pottery

Collections of linens

Some of my favorites

Restoring old chandeliers

Collection of dishes

Brown and White transfer ware

Old suitcases and blue & white night stand

Bedroom glimpse

Beautiful flower fields in my backyard

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