Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Found Wheels"

     I found this bike in horrible conditions, but I loved the old fashioned look and feel of the bike. Its' original color was  faded dark green and it had lots of rust.

     However, the best part of this story is that I paid absolutely nothing for it... it was free! Also, I knew a guy name Israel who paints and fixes bikes and donates them to charities and asked if he could help me with this project.

     I requested that he paint it white and I would later put a tan seat on it, an old fashioned basket on front, and tan handle bars. A couple of weeks went by and this is the return on something that cost me absolutely nothing. I love it and can't wait to accessorize it.

     I'd love to hear your comments. Until next time....don't forget to come back and see my found wheels fully accessorized.

     The Blue Farmhouse

Restored bike

My bike and neighbor (Lisa) husbands truck

Another look

Thank you and please come again!

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