Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Santa Barbara-America's French Rivera"

     Wow pretty big title so, I hope this post can live up to it, if not it'll take just one visit to Santa Barbara and you'll think you've just been transported to the south of France.

     Frankly, the closes I've been is through an awesome blog called My French Country Home. Or if you're visiting Santa Barbara you must visit a two of my favorite shops, Lewis & Clark Antiques and Fine Things and Rooms & Garden Shop. Both of these beautiful and inspiring shops are located on State Street, Santa Barbara, Ca.

     Frankly, it's been a couple of weeks that I haven't been able to going thrifting because of work, school and a host of other obligations so I was thrilled to get the opportunity today! Of course, hubby and I hop into my new white VW bug (I'll tell you about that later) and off we go. So, I hope today's finds bring inspiration to you as they did for me.

     Until next time happy thrifting.

Blue Le Creuset pot and pillow

 The pillows inspiration print reminds me of the indiennes provencales fabrics from Souleiado

Another look

Light blue cast iron pot "Made in France"

Old painting I'll repurpose into chalkboard for my vendor space in Sweet Repeats

Tote basket


Heading Home

Our dog "Cody"

     Thank you for visiting and please promise to come back again!

     The Blue Farmhouse.


  1. Love your Creuset pots! Never saw one in blue! Mainly they are in the traditional kind of 'beige-orange'.

    Just found your blog by browsing through the blogworld. And very pleased to see that I'm not the only "Blue-and-White-Lover"...:) :)

    You may like to visit my blog and if you read the recent "Old Linen" posts you'll see something blue-and-white. You might like it...

    Greetings from the Perigord, South-West of France,

  2. Hi Karn,
    I think I just entered "textile heaven" looking at all those beautiful grain sacks, especially the blue and white ones. I love all things blue and white because you can design anything around it. I believe blue and white is like the quintessential "little black dress"... it's a must have in any wardrobe. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and visit The Blue Farmhouse. Hope to see you again:)

  3. What a pretty the blue pot.

    1. Thanks Andrea
      I love the colors of the pillow and I just love the blue pot. This weekend I plan on cooking a pot roast with whole potatoes and carrots with some thick brown gravy.

  4. Love the basket...wonderful shape!!

    1. Thank you. I actually have two of them. The first one I found in San Diego long time ago and probably about 6 months ago I found another one for pennies.


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