Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Sweet Repeats" Find

     After a quick lunch I head to "Sweet Repeats" to inventory my vendor space because I haven't been by for about a week. Everything looked okay except I needed to tidy things up and sweep, but I also need to freshen things up and bring in new displays.

     So, before leaving I walk around the store and look what I found! Yep, another old trunk and this cost me only $10.00 which feels like "free". Of course, I go to see what my hubby thought and explained that I will clean it up and use it for display only. He agreed and after work I hurry to take pictures so that I can show you.

     I'm excited because I have some good items whirling around in my head and hope that they turn out the way I imagine. So what do you think?

     Until next time happy thrifting and collecting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

     After work shot

Not in perfect condition but I can work with it

Writing on one side

Peeled sticker

     (By the way the faded paper inside is a beautiful blue and beige paisley print. I love it!) 


  1. Hello, I just found your blog via Faded Plains...
    And I am totally jealous ( ;) ) of your awesome find! And that for only $10.00 yes, that feels like almost FREE!

    Good for you...

    If you like you can visit me too...



    P.s. I am your newest follower ;)

  2. Hi Sandy,
    I'm happy that you found me and I'm popping over now to visit you. I worked last night wiping down the trunk and I'm excited to use for display of wares. Thank you for the comment and hoping you'll find more inspiration at The Blue Farmhouse.

  3. I swear its like you have a gift! Good deals wherever you go! :)

    1. Thanks Ryan...I'm always wowed when you like my finds....but one of my real gifts is YOU! Thanks for the lovely comment.

  4. Wow, what a score, it may as well have been free for that price. And just imagine the possibilities, with all the drawers. I would have been doing the Happy Dance all the way to the counter. It's lovely.



  5. Thanks Carol...and I read the post on the trunk your daughters got for free! I'm glad I was in the right place at the right time....because another lady was right on my heels and said "If you don't want it I do".

  6. What a great treasure you found!!!

  7. Gracias Maria:) As of right now I use for displaying wares at my vendor space in "Sweet Repeats".


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