Monday, September 5, 2011

My Lil', "Brown Feet"

     My career goal is to graduate with a degree in the field of early childhood studies and I'm almost there!

      In the meantime, when hunting for treasures for my home and garden I collect props that I can use in the classroom with children.

     I have this big book in my attic called "Dancing Feet" by Charlotte Agell. A line in the big book says, "Feet, feet, walking down the street, dancing on the earth, skipping to the beat". Well she's walking and dancing.... but not skipping yet, and she is my oldest granddaughter Kalayah.

     She is pure joy and delight and I love her lil' brown feet. I love to kiss her feet, I love to watch her feet and wiggle my fingers through the toes of her feet. I love my "Lil' Brown Feet".

     So, here she is.....

Dancing feet

Walking feet

Lil', "Brown Feet"

P.S. I Love You!


  1. OH so precious. Aren't they just wonderful? we have six grand children now and they are just delightful.

  2. Yes they are and we are thankful and proud grandparents...sounds like you are too!


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