Sunday, September 4, 2011

Buffalo China "America's Ironstone"

     Anyone remember the "eat in diners" at Woolworth stores? Or just the five and dime cafe shops you stopped at on side road trips or in small town America. They still exist and there definitely is a nostalgic connected with those memories.

      This is actually what buffalo china reminds me of... a grilled cheese sandwich and thick fries or juicy hamburger with all the trimmings, fries and a coke! I call it America's ironstone because it's sturdy and has different hues of color in each piece because of usage and age.

      I have collected over the years a few pieces of ironstone but it can be hard to find and pricey. But in the last year I have found and collected these thick white, sturdy plates, coffee mugs, platters, bowls and smaller bowls known as buffalo china.

     Shortly after my interview and visit with Teddy at "Sweet Repeats" I browsed briskly around and found 11 of the these beauties. They look like little creamers with a beautiful faded blue around the rim. I was ecstatic and of course the blue I immediately loved. The price was unbeatable! That's exactly what I love about collecting, the not knowing what you might find even when you're not looking for a particular thing.

     One Saturday, my daughter Ryan from "The Blooming Thread" and I decided to go into a storefront just to browse and guess what I found while I was digging through boxes? Buffalo china, in fact, a whole stack of platters and little individual casserole dishes. I couldn't believe my luck! I purchased them all, 6 platters and 6 individual casserole dishes.

     Now, there's one important fact about me you're sure to discover (just ask anyone who knows me)... I love dishes! Displaying them, looking at them and eating on them. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my latest finds and collectibles.

     Until then, happy searching and mostly collecting!

Fabulous Find (Buffalo China)

Creamers trimmed with a beautiful faded blue

Place a small floral arrangements for tabletop

Stacked for everyday usage


  1. oh wow! those were a great find...adding a little more to that great collection~ they look really pretty on the table and next to the watering tins.

  2. Love the look of the Buffalo ironstone on the wooden drying rack! When my son went to medical school, I decorated his apartment for him. I happened upon Buffalo dishes and he still has them all these years later.



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