Saturday, September 3, 2011


     The legendary sports commenter Jerry Coleman for the San Diego Padres would always say "Oh, doctor" after an amazing display of athleticism or describing a play by play in the sport of baseball.

     Well I say, "Oh, Teddy" at this spectacular window display of a beautiful white four poster bed, linens and accessories. By the way, Laurinda your styling of this bed is superb.

     You only have a couple of days to drive by and catch a glimpse of this beautiful window. Why? Because it's sold! Dog gone it... but don't fret because "Sweet Repeats" is always stocked with beautiful finds for your home by Teddy and the rest of the vendors at "Sweet Repeats."

    Teddy not only has delivered on the shops vision, "bringing beautiful things back to life with paint and upholstery" but it gives the people of this community what they want.

     Go by and visit this store and tell them "The Blue Farmhouse" sent you!

      Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.

Dreamy whites accented with shades of pink linens

Talented vendor at Sweet Repeats

Matching cherub lamps (beautiful)

Lovely white table

Burlap bag with vintage pin

One last look! Gorgeous

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