Wednesday, August 24, 2011


     There's a saying "everything old is new again"and that's exactly what we see in the world of home decor and style. So, I'm delighted to introduce you to a new must stop shop called "Sweet Repeats" and its' owner Teddy.

     I first discovered Sweet Repeats while I was driving home from work and the front window just made my car stop dead in its tracks! I just had to go inside and it didn't disappoint.

   The stores huge success is its' affordability (there's a price point for everyone) and of course, its experienced shop owner.

    Please allow me to treat you to some pictures featuring Sweet Repeats and a short interview with Teddy.

     Sit back and enjoy!

Love the robin egg color 

Beautiful white mantle with sparkling mercury accessories

Love the cherub lamp

Beautiful window styling by Laurinda

Styled for success

Old window panes throughout the store


Dreamy whites

Love the desk and wire basket

Huge inventory

Rita and shop owner Teddy

     Q. How did you come up with the shops name?
     A. I approached a fellow garage seller and friend who resides up North to help me choose a name for the store. She chose "Sweet Repeats" and I believe the name reflects the philosophy of the store.

     Q. What is the stores' philosophy?
     A. The 3R's. Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse.

     Q.What do believe "Sweet Repeats" offers to the local community?
     A. Style and affordability. There's something for everyone.

     Q. What inspired you to open your store?
     A. All the great pieces that I have found from my adventures and the stories behind some of the things that I have come across. Also, I love the transformation that a neglected piece can find through paint and upholstery.

     My conversation with Teddy was inspiring and it's obvious that his passion, talent, and vision has landed him to where he is today. The inventory of the store changes daily and if you miss one day, it'll probably be the one day that you were not in the right location, location, location.

     You can visit this inspiring shop at 110 West Ocean Avenue, Lompoc, California 93436 or call Teddy at (805) 588-5032.

     Get weekly up-to-date photos and information on this blog.

Good Luck Teddy!

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