Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy (Early) Birthday To Me !!!

     I'm thrifting in Santa Barbara right now as I write on my blog, because my dear husband just made me the happiest girl in the world! Look at this incredible find. Can you believe it. All my fellow decorating bloggers know actually what I'm talking about. I can't wait to get home and begin the process of transforming this mirror from gold to white.

     My daughter Ryan once stated in The Blooming Thread "My mom paints everything white", which is so not true because I love color. However, white is a nice neutral background palette to add pops of color to any room decor or you can simply decorate your home with what you love. There are no rules.

     My plans are to prop the mirror vertically against the wall by an armoire in my bedroom or hang it up and on each side place some candelabras I found at Santa Barbara Consignment Company.

     I found a oval tapestry pillow in a light shade of green with tassels all around. It had a vintage romance look to it so I bought it to add to a room I plan to redo. And I found a small old gold clock with a cherub on the face of it that I just love.

     Look for the after pictures in the upcoming blogs.


Candlelabras reflection are in the mirror

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  1. That mirror is HUGE! I totally LOVE it!
    Yesterday I made a return to my local thrift shop (love that place ;) Well, the item was defective so she gave me a store refund... (I did not mind) On my way in my eye caught a huge picture frame.
    Paint chipped... no glass, no picture, no mirror.
    Just the way I love it! I said as I got into the car... that frame is now mine and will look great at that boring white wall in the living! My oldest daughter says... "You are not going to paint it right?" I said of course!? White!
    But, I like chipped paint too... so maybe this time I leave it be...

    Where can I find the after photo of your mirror?


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