Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

     Well, the mirror is redone and honestly it's more beautiful in person. I'm very happy with the results. Right now I have it placed against the wall in the dining room.

     My future plans are to pair it with a beautifully tufted headboard. I looked on line at Pottery Barn and they have a beautiful one called "Lorraine Tufted Velvet Headboard" in sage. The headboards high back and curvy shaped sides would be perfectly paired with this beautiful ornate mirror.

     For bedding I will purchase different shades of white with some tan colored pillow shams. And then add pops of color in my pillows and hope to find a beautiful old quilt.

     For now, I'm in the beginning stages of redecorating a bedroom and this mirror definitely has inspired me.  Enjoy!

Before Picture

After Picture

Here are a couple of pictures of beautiful bedrooms that gives me inspiration.


  1. I'm so jealous of that mirror!! Youre the best treasure hunter I, if you would share some secret locations, I could use some help filling my walls!

    This was a great post! :)

  2. If I ever comes across another mirror like this one I'll purchase it just for you!:)

  3. Ooooooh, how gorgeous... I like the smaller one behind it too though.
    I love the curves!
    I have the second picture of your inspiration bedroom too it is in my craft idea's book. How funny how two people can clip out the same pictures!
    Could it be we love pretty things and have that in common?

    You scored great on the mirrors... can't wait when it finds a permanent spot to see.



    1. Of course, we love beautiful things and like passions! What's so amazing about the mirrors is I went f-o-r-e-v-e-r hoping I could have just one and I found the one behind the large one while visiting my in laws in Port Angeles and then suddenly I now have 4 and of course the large one. Go figure:)


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