Sunday, August 7, 2011

Location, Location, Location

     Vocabulary words often heard in real estate and finding that dream home. But I say location, location, location has everything to do with snagging another "treasured" find of a lifetime! Of course, I say this about many of the wonderful things that I have found through the many years of thrift stores, antiquing, estate sales, and consignment shops.

      While vacationing in the Puget Sound my husband and I went downtown to browse some of the local antique shops. I knew what I was hoping to find but not sure if my hunt would be successful. Guess what? I was in the right location because there it was in a stall right beside me. It was an large ornately trimmed gold mirror and the price was right. Trying not to show too much excitement I said "Sold".

     We loaded it with some of the other beautiful things (that I will share in upcoming blogs) in the car heading back to California. I couldn't wait to transform the gold mirror with white paint and lightly sand to allow some old patina to show through. It turned out beautifully.

     I would always look in magazines and only dream of snagging one of these ornate mirrors and now I have three. You can check out some examples of beautiful ornate mirrors in the Summer 2011 issue of "Freshstyle" magazine. The article is "Vintage Romance".  I'm in love and so happy I was in the right location, location, location.

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