Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Thrifting... Port Angeles Style-Day 2"

     Well...(sighing) I've decided that this would be my last day of hunting in thrift stores here in Port Angeles. It has been great fun and if I had only one more wish...and it's this "I wish I had more money and more car space."

     But I won't over indulge but rather be thankful that each time we come I always find beautiful things. Also, I'm grateful that my husband doesn't complain but let's me shop really with only a few limits (budget) and I know when to say it's enough.

      I hope you 'll enjoy these items and I can't wait to put them to use in my home or sell at "Sweet Repeats".

Use for plants or display vintage tools or other items
(love the faded blue color...of course)

Laughlin Homer gravy dish

Gravy dish can be used with this dish


  1. Finally, I am experiencing a tad bit of problems here leaving comments...
    But, I am in... perseverence!
    Well, hmmmmm I love the suitcase... I saw it in a different post... I also like or love the wood crate! Tad bit jealous and would love to have one of those.
    Beautiful finds Rita!
    You have an eye for it!


  2. I have plans to use wooden blue box and all it's compartments for flower and old tools I have collected. Sorry about the comment thing..trying to figure out what I need to do now:(


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