Friday, July 20, 2012

"Collectible Dishes"

     I definitely didn't need these but, I'm sure glad that I found them. The blue and white platter and 2 plates I found for only $6...surely I read that tag wrong! I have in my old white cupboard some blue and white willow ware with the marking of "Japan" on the back and I love them.

     The white ironstone platter I found in a thrift store in Santa Barbara as well as, the tureen bowl. It doesn't have a lid but it's still functional in so many other ways. Also, pretty close to the pattern of the tureen are these beautiful coffee mugs "Pink Blossoms" by Nasco Japan.

     Finally, don't you just love those 4 plates with the blue flowery pattern? I just couldn't resist them or the price.

     Until next time, happy thrifting and collecting and thanks for stopping by.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

A favorite collectible
Stamped "Japan"
Ironstone platter and 4 vintage plates
Vintage dishes "Springtime" by Nasco (Japan)
Not a matching pattern but, too beautiful to pass up 


  1. Your new treasures are amazing...I am such a dishaholic! I am always picking them up and bring them cupboards are jam packed! I am loving everything here but those little blue vintage plates have my heart singing. xoxoxooxoxoxo Happy weekend

  2. Koralee
    Your sweet comments...just like your blog makes my heart merry. I only photographed 3 but I have 4 and those vintage plates say "Blue Notes". And yes, I am a dishaholi too, my cupboards and attic.


  3. Oh how I wish I could "re-wind" and go back to the time I gave away my mother's vintage blue plates. Never would I have thought someday I wished I had kept them. I was cleaning out my parents home after they died. I gave the dishes to an elderly man who was starting all over again. I was "young and stupid" and didn't realize I would acquire a sentimental taste later in life. So glad I found your blog!

  4. Hi Gail
    I'm glad that you found me and I'm hopping right over to see you! I believe that at some point in our lives we were "young and not knowledgeable"....but just thank goodness we don't stay that way. I believe that as I have "matured" my taste is definitely matured with me. Thanks for dropping by.


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