Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Goodwill Hunting-Vancouver Style Day 3"

     Returning back to a local Goodwill store on Friday, looking for more ironstone and picture frames to repurpose into chalkboards, what I found instead was these glorious professionally upholstered pillows. I usually buy all my pillows from Pottery Barn because you can change out pillows (seasonally or new color scheme) just by buying the pillow top after you have made the initial investment of the down pillow.

     The fabric print immediately reminded me of a pillow I purchased and post "Santa Barbara-America's French Rivera" and I will infuse it with these pillows. Ending my search I found a Homer Laughlin platter and brown/white transferware salt and pepper shakers.

     I would call it another successful day of thrifting and I hope your return each day to see what treasures I might find. Well I better hurry now because I'm off to Battleground, Washington for The Barn House Boys "5th Annual Vintage & Antique Marketplace"event.

     Wish me luck and immediately after the event we are heading to Port Angeles for more shopping and visiting family.

     Until next time....The Blue Farmhouse.

Total of 4 pillows (2 throw & 2 bolsters)

Closer look

Brown/White Transferware & Homer Laughlin Platter


  1. WOW! You are really lucky to be finding such great items. You are having too much fun!!! You probably have the biggest grin on your face looking at you new found "friends". Good luck on your next adventure - can't wait to see what you find. Gail

  2. I am indeed having a lot of fun finding things and hopefully the best is yet to come. Thanks Gail:)


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