Monday, July 30, 2012

"Barn House Vintage & Antique Marketplace 2012"

    Wow what treat for the senses...and I mean all of them... food(taste & smell), vendor spaces (sight), fabulous band (hearing), wallet or credit card (touch)... did I miss any? The drive to the event was picturesque, serene and green...and I was filled with anticipation of what was to come. Well, Barn House Boys you delivered!

     So...after we park and pay (I took 4 others with me) we head straight for food before shopping because we were all very hungry. The food portions were big and oh so good, then you'll never guess what happened? While I was eating I spotted one of the Barn House Boys...and I was star struck but tried to act normal. 

     So, I hurried and ate, pick the meat out of my teeth and went over and said "Excuse me my name is Rita and I follow your short, can I take a picture with you!? He said of course and did asked if I was having a good time and I replied, "You better believe it" because you had to pass all these beautiful decorated spaces with their wares as you headed up the hill to eat... I was already mesmerized.

     I guess I should stop talking now and hopefully the pictures that I took will give this beautifully coordinated event the props it rightfully deserves. Here we go....

Thanks Barn House Boys!

Loving this bike

Finger licking good barbecue

Lots of vendors

Lots of people

I'm here!

My sister in law looking through the pretty pinks

Love this

Lovely ironstone

Lots of pillows

I purchased some of these "butter dishes"

Another scale
(I have a surprise post about this one)


  1. This looks like a lot of fun!! and I see youve found lots of treasures too! :)

  2. Oh yes! Maybe you can attend next would love it.

  3. It was so great meeting YOU and your crew!!! Thanks so much for letting me (Jer-) vent a little too. ;o)

    Much Love - Jer- & Joe

  4. The pleasure was ALL mine and I was able to purchase the "old grocery store scale" and I love it along with some smaller items. Looking forward to returning next year!


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