Monday, January 30, 2012

"Another Project"

     When I first spotted this table and chairs, it was the chairs that I was actually wanted.  Currently in the dining room I have 4 ladder back style chairs and 2 rattan chairs coupled with a round white table (that I painted and repurposed).

     I have been looking for some other (good quality) ladder back chairs in the style I have now but this is my problem. To my amazement, when I'm out "thrifting" I often find that individual chairs cost more than a table with chairs. The Pottery Barn has a table set with wooden chairs and rattan chairs together, but I just can't justify the cost. So, I continue to look knowing eventually I will come across exactly want I'm looking for.

     In fact, while out thrifting I found some beautiful ladder back chairs at a thrift store and they wanted $200 per chair! I passed hoping that when I returned they'd be reduced, but when I did return they were gone.

     So, one day on my way home from school we stop into a thrift store and I see this table set and I want the chairs! The price was right, even though the chairs aren't the same quality this set has potential.

     In the near future I plan to paint the table and later use as a card/game table or a table for outdoor summer entertaining. I promise to repost pictures when I paint it and you can let me know what you think.

     Until next time....Happy "thrifting".

Table and chairs
(My $79.00 purchase)

Another look

The table is covered in my favorite color palette (blue & white) bedspread covering that I have used as a rug underneath the dining room table.

Closer look

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