Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Dresser Restored"

     Here's a closer look at the dresser. It's really beautiful and on tomorrow the transformation begins. My husband will paint it white and I will do a light sanding on all the curves and corners. So, here's the final results and I believe it turned out beautifully.

     In fact, instead of going treasure hunting I stayed home and rearranged the house some, as well as, place the dresser in the dining room. This might not be the final resting place, but for now it servers the purpose beautifully.

     I've also included an after picture of a previous fabulous find (little boy holding a puppy) so that you can see where I have place it in my home.
Closer look

Hubby preparing to paint
(This is the bedroom we're repainting too)

Setting up dining room 

Restored dresser

Another angle

One last look

     The big white mirror was previously on a wall in the dining room and I moved in here and placed the painting above it. 
     I like it but not not sure if I will keep the frame around it. I also took the big painting that was on this wall and placed it where the mirror hung.

A new look for the living room
(Next, window treatments)

Hope you enjoy the pictures and find some inspiration to update your home just by rearranging what you already have! 

     Let me know what you think. Happy collecting and restoring!

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