Saturday, January 14, 2012

"The Cat Lady"

Found this quilted cat at a thrift store
(So cute)

     This really isn't about cats at all...but when thinking of my obsession or should I say collection of dishes this phrase comes mind. Yes, I'm definitely the lady with lots (I mean a lot) of dishes.

     But wait, not just any dishes! I love my collection of blue and white staffordshire, my brown and white transfer ware and so many others. The truth is that I have so many collection of dishes we could eat for days and days and days without washing any and still not run out. Yikes, I must truly be the dish lady.

     There's nothing more satisfying than eating from a beautiful old plate, bowl or platter. Honestly, I could purchase new plates but, there's something (sometimes a chip, but definitely character, age and beauty) that old dishes possess and I can't resist collecting.

     Most of these dishes I've collected for many, many, many years and have the journal notes to prove it.

     So I hope you'll enjoy the pictures, as much as I liked photographing them and daily using them.

Part of my collection

Found these in San Diego
(Total pieces are a dozen)

More blue and white

I love these little birds

My daughter's homecoming queen crown

My favorite creamer

Found both of these beautiful light blue platters for $13.00 each

Wedding topper with more collectibles

These are so beautiful
(Spodes' Jewel-Copeland England)

Set of bowls
("Wicker Land" Copeland- Spode England)

Brown and White Collection

Woodland "Ridgway" Made in England
(Est. 1792)

Mix and match 
(Mason's-Patent Ironstone England)

Theodore Haviland (France)
I don't have a lot but I love the feminine feel of these plates

Ready to serve!

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