Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Lucky Finds"

     Saturday was a super busy day with appointments, etc. so that meant my husband and I couldn't go thrift store shopping. I wasn't to bummed about it because we have been painting bedrooms, furniture and buying new mattresses for two bedrooms in the house.

     But, to my surprise and delight I had to make a quick stop in my local "Goodwill" store and guess what I spotted? It was this painting of a little boy holding a puppy and a plate by Crooksville, USA called "Dinner Rose". What attracted me to the painting was the beautiful muted colors and of course, the picture itself. And the plate would hang beautiful along over a doorway, wall or paired with some of my other plates.

     My plans for the painting is to paint the frame white and hang with a wide ribbon and not sure what I'll do with the plate.

     So, I hope that you'll enjoy the before and after pictures. Until next time, happy hunting!

Painting $3.99 and plate $.49 
I couldn't believe the prices myself!


After picture
The blue painters tape took some of the color off the canvas:(

     It's not perfect and that's why I love it. So, if I hang in the house I might remove from frame and use a beautiful wide ribbon to suspend from wall. 

     I love it still!

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