Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Thinking Outside The Box"

Pinterest image

Pinterest image

My Tuft Shed...full of stuff

My garage...full of stuff too

     I've always harbored this dream to have my own retail space. I've sketched it out on paper, talked about it and in my mind's eye I can see it. But the reality of my circumstances is this..I'm great finder with a good eye but my dreams are larger than my budget. Some other avenues I've tried with good success are vintage shows....well actually one and rental space in a local antique store. I actually prefer the doing vintage shows and I'm happy to be participating in The Remnants of The Past Vintage Show Santa Barbara.

     So now I must begin to think outside the box or shed in this case to make my very own space. Yes, I need a woman cave! I love being surrounded by all my stuff... the mirrors, the frames repurposed to chalkboards, the chandeliers and vintage light fittings. But I plan go a little further than dream but sell too. The shed on the property is perfect. It already has 2x4 framing, extra stone tile for the floors and my husband has plans for windows. He's even gone as far as look at some Pinterest images to help me see the possibilities. Of course, he'll need to add insulation and drywall and I have the rest of the stuff.

     I'm really excited and hopefully he can get started soon. I promise to take lots of pictures during this process so that if you to are dreaming of your own can begin "thinking outside the box."

     Thank you for dropping by and until next time happy collecting and thrifting....

     The Blue Farmhouse


  1. I can't wait to see your woman cave! :)

    1. We're probably going to start on Monday with installation and drywall...I can't wait to show you too. Thanks always for your sweet sweet comments.:)


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