Saturday, August 8, 2015

"A Little Something"

Old gold frame meets

Induction Ceremonies S.A.T.C. 1918

Repurposed mirror

     This BFF (Blue Farmhouse Find) wasn't what I was looking for nevertheless I'm glad I spotted it on the floor. It's a picture (not the original) of an "Induction Ceremonies of S.A.T.C. Kansas University, Lawrence Kansas on October 1st, 1918. 

    I love the imperfections and bits of missing parts in this frame, and quickly felt that it would like great with a piece of chalkboard in it. However, I think I'll leave it for now and place it above my white mirror I found earlier. The gold frame with missing pieces speaks perfectly to the white mirror that has been slightly sanded with pieces of the original gold peeking through it...yes it's a beautiful combination.

     Until next time happy thrifting, collecting and finding a piece of history...

     The Blue Farmhouse

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