Monday, August 3, 2015

"Painting and More Painting"

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     It took me a couple of days to transform this gorgeous mirror from gold to white and I'm very happy with the results. I was very anxious to get started and finish because of two reason...I like instant gratification and I was painting in the living room. Thankfully I have a big living space and it didn't matter but I still wanted to finish sooner rather than later. Do you ever wonder what home your finds come from? I wonder all the time who just gives this good stuff away? Either way I'm glad that I have been the recent recipient of some great finds.

     I thought of several places to put this mirror while keeping in mind that it's a beast (very heavy) but I certainly wanted to make it a focal point. I believe that I've found a good spot and you can check it out on my Instagram. Who knows how long I'll keep it there and that's the fun part of thrifting and collecting because you can rearrange things whenever you want. Who knows what I might find next but you'll have to come here to see....thank you for your visit.

     Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and painting your treasured finds...

     The Blue Farmhouse

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