Monday, July 27, 2015

"Not Just Another Day"

Today's finds

A beautiful floor length mirror

Ornate details

Thank you for dropping by

     I don't believe that this saying..."just another day at the office" will ever be synonymous when it comes to treasure hunting at thrift stores. I always leave with high hopes and a fist full of dreams...but you just never know what awaits you. So, I'm very happy to share with you my beautiful, tall and ornate mirror. Isn't it beautiful? The last time I found a mirror of this size was a couple of years ago at a thrift store.

      Then I stumbled across this basket and although the straps need some work (or not) that was the immediate appeal. Lastly I found a really nice lampshade that I'm sure to use or change out to freshen up things around the house.

      I appreciate you dropping by and I hope that your day was "not just another one" at the office for you. Until next time happy collecting, decorating and thrifting....

     The Blue Farmhouse


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