Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"I'm Amazed"

New mirror

Ornamental top

My little helper

Angel plague

Her coloring picture (her show n tell)

     There's definitely many others words I could've use to try and describe how I felt when I saw this mirror. Unbelief might be the best description because it's rare to this in a thrift store. But I did and as I walk towards it I could see the ornamental top above all the others. It was then that I knew I had found a treasure and it was if it was just propped against the wall waiting for me.

      Also I love this angel plaque too. My little helper says.."there naked and they have wings grandma". But I already have the perfect place for it in our home but now where do I put this mirror? I have considered repurposing it into a chalkboard... imagining it welcoming customers into a little business or sign for a wedding day. Either way I have time to think about it and for now I'll just give it a good cleaning and prop against a wall.

     Thank you again for dropping by and I hope you find something inspirational each time.....

     The Blue Farmhouse

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