Wednesday, May 1, 2013


     I hope that wherever you are...and whatever you're doing... are the beginnings of a great day. Mine has started with an early rise to do a little painting before heading to a doctors appointment and work. So, here's a little peek-a-boo of some DIY projects I'm working on.

     I found this lamp at a thrift store in town (really cheap) and I love the cherubs all around the base. When completed I will use some sandpaper and scuff up a bit to reveal some of the gold base color. What about pairing it with this gold cherub clock I found at "Sweet Repeats" for $3.00? I think it would look nicely on a night stand in a child's room or any place to momentarily glance and be reminded of nothing but serenity.

     I can't wait to show you the finished projects (a new lampshade and blackboard) as well as something new (but it's old) that just dropped in my lap on yesterday!

     Until then....happy collecting and completing your DIY projects. What are you working on?

     The Blue Farmhouse....

Painting frame and lamp

Little gold cherub clock


  1. Rita, you always manage to find the nicest treasures! Looking forward to see the end result. Love to you- Colette

  2. Yes...I do and the most important ones have not been things but "friendships"...and I'm so glad that our oceans have crossed paths.:)

    Love to you too Colette!



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