Wednesday, May 22, 2013


     Here's my most recent finds... the frame I found while thrifting in Santa Barbara for $10.00. And here are photos of some chairs that were given to me. I have a total of ten chairs, and absolutely no room in my The chairs came from the closure of a local bank in my area, and they are very comfortable and well made.

     I love the hammered nail heads in the chair arms and base. My plans for the four green chairs are to use with a games table. I would like to use the six tan chairs around a old farm style table that I'm sure to find [again] very soon. And then again I might have to live with them for a while and sell later. My plans for the ornate frame is to paint and re purpose into a message board or chalkboard. Now that finals are over hopefully I can get restarted on [yet another] project.

     I would be interested in your thoughts....

     So until next time...happy collecting, decorating and thrifting.

     The Blue Farmhouse.

Love the nail heads

That's all folks

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