Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Gifts...Thank You"

     The photos that I'm sharing with you today are all gifts from my bosses fiancee Dave, and a friend from my church. There are times when I get things randomly from a neighbor, or people who say I think this is you... Rita.

     I love angels [trying not to go overboard] and these particular ones were in the garden of Dave's mom who has passed away. And, so is the silver vase, and candelabras which I think I'll hang [rather Mr. Blue Farmhouse] by a white mirror mimicking it's curves and rosettes. I tried to place some random flowers from outside, but I'm no florist. Thank you Dave for these gifts...that belonged to your mother.

     I love all these pieces and I'm looking forward to re-arranging the house again around these gifts...thank you friends. You can share with me your thoughts if you'd like...I love hearing from you and reading your nice comments.

     Until next time...happy collecting, thrifting and gifting.

The beauty is in the imperfections...

Seamstress I am not... [perhaps] I can gift someone who can sew

Should I paint?

Love the scrolls and floral rosettes


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