Tuesday, November 4, 2014


  1. 1
    a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young.
    "the birds built a nest"

A wood pigeons nest

A clay colored sparrows nest

My found nest

     While sweeping off the driveway from debris leftover from a steady Halloween rain (something we really did need) I spotted what I thought to be pieces of shrubbery severed by the storm. Upon close examination I discovered that these pieces of dried looking shrubbery were two bird nests. Surprisingly it wasn't this perfect round circle that's typically associated with a birds nest instead it had a very odd shape. 

     Also I noticed the nests that I happened upon was intricately knit together with many different size sticks and twigs, mud and bird droppings! They were perfectly imperfect...much like my nest...the place were I have chosen to shelter my family. And all who enter know it fits my style perfectly... beautiful and comfortable living spaces with the mixing of something old, something new and always something blue...a reflection of how I live.

The Blue Farmhouse

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