Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Inspiration, Dreaming & Decorating"

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

Original those legs

Repurposing in progress

Underneath sides unfinished

Blue plates

A favorite room

Lots of rearranging for Thanksgiving

     I'm sharing several pictures along with a couple of Pinterest images that have inspired me as I continue to repurpose the table I found several weeks ago. As for right now it's my new/old dining table, but one day it'll look awesome centered in the middle of a big kitchen space for prepping food, displaying books and blue dishes. 

     I think my final step will be to lightly sand the top or should I just leave it in it's original condition? My husband gave me to idea to paint the sides underneath the table but I wasn't convinced until I discovered the picture on Pinterest. 

     Maybe he's right but I'm still not totally convinced...what do you think? So until next time back to tidying up and rearranging the house...Thanksgiving (4 days away) is just right around the corner! 

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  1. I love the table- Tom was absolutely correct about the underside. It looks fantastic as is. I wouldn't re-do the top if you plan to use it as a utility table in the future, it is perfectly distressed. I can just imagine rolling out a pie dough there... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Rachel...I think hubby was right too. And yes I don't want it perfect because then it'll be a "museum" piece rather that..a couple of more scratches and more character.:)


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