Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Great Legs"

     As strange as this may sound I admit that a 'huge' criteria for a yes or no date (many moons ago) was how did a guys hands and feet look! Okay stay with me now (laughing)...because it's my number one influence when hunting for old tables. So by now you're probably thinking have you lost your mind? And the answer is yes I have... not for hands and feet rather beautiful legs!

     Did you know that some legendary stars like Tina Turner and Sharon Stone are known for their legs?  Who would've even imagined that stars have insurance policies on theirs... I guess different strokes for different folks...but I like curvy, intricate and ornate legs on my tables and the one I just found doesn't disappoint.

     I'm going to start the painting process today and do hope that you'll return for the final results. Until next time happy collecting, thrifting and one more thing..."Ain't she got legs..not Tina but my table!

Tina Turner

Sharon Stone

 My latest find

 Table base

Check out those...legs

Love this table legs...Pinterest image

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