Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yesterday's Find"

Old saddle

Vintage monogrammed suitcases

Vintage wooden billiard pool scoring beads on a string

Yes...and more dishes.

     I thought that a day of browsing might leave me empty handed and then I found these fabulous finds. As we were preparing to grab a bite to eat I check out this antique store next door and noticed a 50% off everything....and BaM... I hit the jackpot. Immediately I spotted this saddle by the front door and thought of my friend Maria whose a gifted photographer...umm perhaps she could use for a prop. Right beside the saddle were these beautiful old monogrammed suitcases and at the counter was the vintage pool scoring beads on a string.

     Needless to say the adrenalin was pumping as we drove back home and I was really satisfied these finds for the day and so was my beautiful friend Maria.

     So until next time happy collecting, thrifting and collecting.

     The Blue Farmhouse


  1. Wonderful! Ride 'm Cowgirl! You look great by the way!
    Love Hugs and be good!

  2. What?! No way!!! So glad to hear from you Sandy!!!! Hey I know you and those beautiful daughters know how to rock 'ranch/cowgirl' style. Thanks for stooping by:)


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