Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Polyvore...For Beginners"

Informal Dining....Blue Farmhouse Style

Beginners? That's me! Polyvore? What's that I ask? Well it's a place where it's members can create image collages called "sets" and you are now viewing my first attempt. I was first contacted by a representative from Chairish a marketplace for vintage online consignment to style the perfect home bar. Again, I was lost because my first thoughts were...but I'm a nondrinker. But that's okay I'll do a nonalcoholic home bar instead I designed what felt most like is representation of my own personal taste just without the price tags! 

So cheers to you Rita for your very first try and "to thine own self be true"... thrifting, collecting and decorating with something old, something new and always something blue. Hope to see you again!

The Blue Farmhouse

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