Friday, July 19, 2013


     This is a true story. I leave work for a job related errand and en route I pass a thrift store...[screeching on tires]...hold on a minute I spot something interesting...

Unbelievable find

Closer look at the details

Re purpose to a round chalkboard

Wooden compartment box for the garden

   I quickly turn into the parking lot and jump out of the van trying not to appear overly anxious [my heart is pounding out of my chest]. "Excuse me sir how much are you asking for this item... he slowly walks outside saying "Oh this is pretty antique." I try to divert the conversation and say "Oh I don't care if it's old I just like the way it looks." The conversation continues as I look around at some other things and he says "How about -----? I couldn't believe my ears as I calmly reply "I think I'll take it." I paid $43.00 for both items and immediately call my husband "Tom you won't believe what I just found!"

     Now I'm thinking about how I would like to breathe new life into this beauty. Maybe a chalkboard? new mirrors? message board? Should I paint it or leave the original color? I'm really not sure but I'd certainly be interested in your thoughts and opinions.

     Today's find reminded me of the french style mirror I found in Santa Barbara and whatever the choice is I promise to make it beautiful as well as show you the results.

     So until next time happy collecting, thrifting and here's to finding something unbelievable this weekend. 

     The Blue Farmhouse.


  1. WOW WOW...what a find! You should be very proud of yourself on that one! It will look stunning anyway you want to use it...please show us the end results. Happy Weekend to you. xox

  2. Of course...Just need to make a decision because I think I will be selling this piece. Happy weekend to you my friend:)



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